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Carolina Carports

Carolina Carports, Inc. was founded in 1997. The company’s primary function is to manufacture metal carports, steel buildings, garages, barns, custom buildings, and metal products by using the newest technology as well as engineered expertise and state-of-the-art machinery. Carolina Carports, Inc. offers its quality products through a network of trained representatives like Darrell Nobles across the United States. We also use the services of highly skilled contractors for the professional installation of each product.

Standard Colors

Sample Structures

Carolina 211-701

Carolina 211-710

Carolina 211-711

Carolina 211-712

Carolina 211-713

Carolina 211-715

Carolina 211-716

Carolina 211-717

Carolina 211-718

Carolina 211-702

Carolina 211-703

Carolina 211-704

Carolina 211-705

Carolina 211-706

Carolina 211-707

Carolina 211-708

Carolina 211-709

Carolina 211-700

Carolina 211-702

Carolina 211-714

Carolina 211-70b

Carolina 211-70h

Carolina 211-70S

Carolina 211-719

Carolina 211-721


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